AJD Instruction for authors

    (Revised Dec 1st, 2023)

  1. Objective:
    Asian Journal of Dietetics (AJD) was approved at the council meeting of the Asian Federation of Dietetics Association (AFDA) during the 7th Asian Congress of Dietetics held in Hong Kong on July 9-11, 2018. The journal is an official AFDA publication. It will be a peer-reviewed international web journal published in English for dietitians.

    The studies conducted by dietitians are very broad, covering preventive and clinical dietetics, including case reports, food culture, food behavior, food preparation, nutritional epidemiology, medicine, psychology, sociology, economy, policy, science etc. Finding experts in these diverse fields is often challenging, making the publication process difficult. Given that publication is a crucial requirement for job security and promotion, we aim to establish a specialized journal for dietitians. The initial plan is to publish on a tri-monthly basis, with the potential to increase frequency to bi-monthly or monthly based on the volume of submissions.

  2. Submission of Manuscript:

    1. Journal office: Asian Nutrition and Food Culture Research Center,
      Jumonji Univeristy, 2-1-28 Sugasawa, Niiza-City, Saitama 352-8510, Japan
      e-mail: AJD <ajdyamamoto@gmail.com>
    2. The Journal will be published on a website: https://jnl.calorie-smile.jp/, which will be maintained by Quest-Computer in Tokyo at no charge.
    3. The journal‘s registered ISSN number is “ISSN2434-2688”.
  3. Editorial Board:

    • Editors will be selected from AFDA member countries, with at least one editor from each country.
      Editor-in-Chief : Shigeru Yamamoto, Japan DA
      email: AJD <ajdyamamoto@gmail.com>
      Vice editors: The president of each country dietetic association
  4. Submission of Articles and Handling Charges : –
    Article should be submitted to the DA office via email:
    AJD <ajdyamamoto@gmail.com>
  5. The handling charge is free until at least the end of 2024.
    The charge for publication is also free at least until the end of 2024.
  6. All articles published in the Journal can be freely accessed at the website (https://jnl.calorie-smile.jp/) Available from January 1, 2019.
  7. Guide for Authors: Manuscripts should be submitted as Word files following the rules outlined below.